Contracting is a vital part of any company. Contracts have to be meticulously drawn up and very carefully planned. Drawing up a contract is a very serious job and requires impeccable skills and training. Contractors have to be experts in design and construction processes as well as health and safety issues.

Contracting engineers are well versed in various fields and are capable of incorporating their vast knowledge into their work. We at JOSE have employed the best of the best and only highly trained.

We strive to bring a unique insight and interpretation to all of our projects, catering to our client’s needs and also doing what’s best for them.

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Regular Maintenance In All Industries

Regular maintenance activities are frequent inspections and check-ups done on a company’s machinery and equipment. Regular Maintenance is an important part in keeping all the systems up to date and functioning perfectly. JOSE has an expert team who will work meticulously and ensure client satisfaction.

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AMC – Annual Maintenance Contract In All Disciplines

AMC or Annual Maintenance Contract is an yearly contract for repair or maintenance of property used by a client’s company. This contract has to be precise and the employees have to be well trained and highly knowledgeable in order for them to do the work effectively.

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Manpower Supply On National And International Levels

We at JOSE possess a team of high-end professionals for hire. Organisations that are looking to work on the improvement and lowering costs of their over-all operations will benefit from our Manpower supply. We have the most highly skilled team who have been ardently trained to cater to our client’s needs exactly.

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Training Centres For Construction And Engineering Works

JOSE has effective training centres that will hone engineers' skills and make them work in an efficient manner. We have been training in mechanical and piping manpower and provide a high-quality certification course which meets international standards! We strive to give our clients only the best.

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Equipment, Vehicles, Tools, Rent/Supply

Any industry requires appropriate vehicles, equipment and tools in their endeavours. JOSE provides these industries with all kinds of equipment and tools, and the necessary vehicles for rent. These resources are supplied to them on a professionally drawn up contract that is catered to our client’s demands.

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Sub-Contractor Arrangements For All Types Of Works

Every project needs a sub-contractor, and a great one at that! JOSE provides the most professional arrangements for all types of works and projects. Our commitment to our client’s satisfaction will drive our endeavours and ensure that we only provide the best services and arrangements.

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Goods And Materials Supply For All Industries

Not only does JOSE supply manpower to all industries with various skill sets, we also provide them with top-of-the-line goods and materials. JOSE ensures that the materials going out are only of the best quality. We have various materials and goods catered to the clients requirements.

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Offices/Quarters Gardening And Maintenance Works

JOSE provides multi-level works in regards to maintenance of office/quarters' gardening works. We have professional teams who have been trained and have multiple years of experience that are talented in figuring out exactly what our clients need and what maintenance their workspaces or quarters require.

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Inspection And Construction Execution Supervisions

Construction supervision is necessary to complete a project on time and on budget while still maintaining quality. A supervisor has to educate, counsel, coach, and direct other workers on a project to ensure standard regulations are followed. JOSE has professionals who will inspect and supervise all matters regarding construction.

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Securities And CCTVs

Every company needs a good security system along with service and maintenance contracts. CCTV monitoring improves safety of both the property and the people working on the premises. JOSE ensures that any employee doing potentially dangerous tasks won’t ever be along; our security systems will keep everyone safe.

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Instrument Services And Calibration

Calibration of an instrument is a process that configures an instrument to provide a specific result. Calibration ensures that the instruments operates on a more accurate level and provide precise readings or results. JOSE provides services and calibration in regular intervals to optimise the productivity of the devices.

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Project Management Consultant

JOSE has an immaculate team of consultants who bring specialized skills and knowledge to our clients. A good consultant will help companies make the best possible business decisions. We provide consultants who are multi-focus experts! It helps them do better planning, decision making, and long term goal achievements.

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Inspection Of All Industrial Surveys And Services

Periodic inspections and surveys of equipment and vessels like containers, ships, harbours, etc. are carried out to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the equipment or vessel. JOSE conducts inspections and surveys that are top notch and incredibly meticulous. We have employed highly trained and skilled professionals for our survey and inspection team.